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    Ryans Automotive: DPF filter regeneration modes

    Figures mentioned here are general figures and may very from brand to brand The Engine Control Module (ECM) of the engine determines continually the amount of the soot mass (particles) in the particle filter and estimates the remaining operational range. The determination is based on the amount of intake air, injected fuel and load factor. …


    Common rail Injector coding

    The amount of fuel injected is proportional to the injector duration (opening time), fuel rail pressure, fuel temperature and fluid viscosity. A target value for injector duration under specific conditions is programmed into the control unit (ECU) engine control map. The fuel injectors are machined to very fine tolerances but because of individual characteristics such …


    Ryan’s Automotive solves power issues on 2003 Opel Astra 1.7DTI

    Ryan’s Automotive recently ran the rule over an 2003 Opel Astra 1.7DTI that arrived with a complaint of no power and the customer had been told that the engine ECU was suspected of being faulty as it wasn’t switching the boost control solenoid. On an initial test drive the car was indeed slightly low on power. …


    Knock sensor advice from ADS

    Automotive Diagnostics Services (ADS) offers advice on how to determine, where the problem lies when a Knock Sensor or Knock Control fault appears on the diagnostic equipment When we see a Knock Sensor or Knock Control fault on our diagnostic equipment its not always clear as to whether the fault is coming from a faulty …


    Investigations on a BMW X5 Can Bus system

    Most technicians grimace at the thought of a Can Bus fault on a modern vehicle and rightly so as there can be many control units connected to the system which can cause the fault. This can make it quite overwhelming for a technician as to where to start in the diagnosis. Here we explain how …