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    Key grades for gear oil

    Gears are found in a vast amount of the machinery we see today and are essential components as they perform several key functions including, gear reduction and adjusting the direction of rotation. If a gear didn’t have a lubricant, it wouldn’t be able to perform these key functions. Whether in your car, truck or heavy …


    Frozen diesel – how modern diesel gels

    The formulation of diesel has changed dramatically in recent years. Regulations introduced mean that the levels of sulphur in diesel must be reduced. Biofuel and FAME (Fatty Acid, Methyl, Ester) are added to diesel up to 7 per cent. Although this reduces the sulphur content, FAME tends to form sludge and engine deposits with the …


    Did you have problems starting your diesel engine this morning?

    With the temperatures continuously dropping, a common issue for diesel-powered engines is problems starting in cold weather as diesel freezes. This can occur for a number of reasons and can be disastrous for the everyday driver. The good news? Actioil Diesel Treatment can not only treat your diesel system but it can also lower the …