Automatic gearbox service and flushing from TCMatic

When a car is brought to a garage for a service an often overlooked job is the lack of maintenance carried out on an automatic gearbox.

A simple oil and filter change at the necessary service intervals will prevent underperforming or malfunctioning transmission.

TCMatic, a Spanish-based company that specialises in all areas of automatic transmissions, (, recommends servicing transmissions every 60,000km.

For this, TCMatic has a range of products that allow workshops to perform a comprehensive service; from specific automatic transmission fluids (ATFs) and vehicle specific ATF service kits, to the sale of its own automatic equipment to carry out ATF flushing.

ATF service kits are the most comprehensive option for any workshop to perform automatic transmission servicing. The kits are made up of all the necessary components too and include ATF, filter, gaskets, magnets, screws, connectors, plugs, etc.

In addition, they enclose instructions with all the steps that the operator has to do to carry out the procedures in the correct and more efficient way.

Advantages of using ATF service kits – according to TCMatic

Zero errors
Once the automatic gearbox has been identified, ATF service kits includes all the elements necessary for maintenance, so there is no possibility of filters/oil being incorrect for the vehicle.

Deadlines are shortened
By receiving all the components in the kit, different delivery times from suppliers are avoided, optimising time for both the customer and the workshop by not leaving cars idle taking up space.

Reduction of labour hours
In addition to the components (ATF, filters, gaskets etc.), all kits include instructions with specific photos for each model, which make the process much faster.

ATF maintenance kits can be used in a number of ways, depending on the type of kit purchased.

TCMatic kits offer three different options:

  1. Kits to be used for gravity filling
  2. Kits which contain extra oil for draining and filling the torque converter
  3. Kits to complete the service with a machine such as the TCMatic ACE18, manufactured by Brain Bee for TCMatic, (pictured below).

The ACE18 machine consists of specific automatic equipment for removal and filling of ATFs and includes a database of vehicles with step-by-step guides and tips for completing the ATF exchange, such as drain and fill points, which adapters to use.

One of the many benefits of using a machine when extracting the oil is the removal of many impurities that could remain in the system when relying on gravity. Therefore, a big benefit of the machine is the automatic cleaning, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and increases the service life of the transmission.

Benefits of performing an ATF service by machine – according to TCMatic

  • Allows full ATF change – no other method is 100 per cent successful at removing used oil, dirt etc.
  • Onboard database for vehicle information & adapter selection.
  • Vehicle specific adapters.
  • Faster and cleaner .
  • More professional looking service offering which is easily promoted.

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