Bespoke mountings can help save money on repairs

Worn mountings, as any seasoned mechanic knows, can cause a variety of problems for the car, from increased vibrations to damaged parts, or even complete system failure.

Klarius, the manufacturer of aftermarket emissions components, is advising all garages to check the mountings whenever a car is on the ramp to avoid these issues and offers a wide range of bespoke mountings for when a replacement is needed.

The cost-saving benefits of spotting worn mountings early are obvious. Fixing problems before they become more serious can save car owners money on future repairs. Also, maintaining proper mountings can help the vehicle’s longevity and dependability, so it’s in the motorist’s best interest to have these replaced when required.

The advantages don’t stop with the car owner. By spotting and fixing worn mountings before they become a more serious issue, garages can earn their customers’ trust by providing a comprehensive and thorough service.

A garage that goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and reliability of their customers’ vehicles will undoubtedly earn a good reputation and repeat business. Additionally, these replacements can create a small profit opportunity that could have been missed if the mountings were not checked.

To support garages, Klarius provides bespoke mountings replacements for all parts in its range. In addition to this, the business offers next day delivery to help meet urgent repair demand. Klarius also offers a ‘Fit First Time’ guarantee, assisting both garages and motorists by ensuring proper fitment of exhaust system components and repair longevity.

Klarius says it is committed to delivering quality exhaust system components that meet or exceed OEM standards. All relevant parts are type-approved with the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) in the UK and TÜV in Germany.

All products in come with a minimum two-year standard warranty, giving garages and customers peace of mind that these parts are made to last.

Learn more about how Klarius can help with its mountings replacement video below:


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Published on: April 4, 2023

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