Blue Print replacement solution for Tesla HEPA filter

The Tesla model S and X are equipped with ‘Bioweapon Defence Mode’, a feature that has been available as an option on these models since 2016, and become standard on both in July 2018.

Part of this system is a very large high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) cabin filter that contains separate acid and alkaline gas neutralisation layers to filter out a wide range of contaminants. This filter is located within the front of these Tesla models listed (commonly known as the ‘Frunk’ – Fig.1).

Figure 1.

When activated, the Bioweapon Defence Mode recirculates the air through the high-quality HEPA filter, purifying it within the cabin whilst avoiding the intake of contaminated outside air. All model S and X vehicles are equipped as standard with a cabin filter, which is located within the heating system behind the glove box. However, when Bioweapon Defence Mode is activated, it adds the additional HEPA filter as another layer of filtration.

In addition to the multiple layers of filtering material, both filters for the interior air (including the HEPA filter) also contain activated carbon to remove a wide range of odours and gases. Additionally, when Bioweapon Defence Mode is engaged, the interior fans are operated at maximum speed to create a positive pressure inside the cabin to minimise the amount of outside air that can enter. This process is similar to a positive pressure room in a biohazard laboratory or hospital, preventing the backflow of bacteria and viruses into other parts of the building.

Cause of failure
All filters require replacing at set recommended intervals, due to contamination and debris. This is to maintain the efficiency of the system components and – in the case of cabin filters – to protect the driver and passengers for their passive driving safety. The recommended service interval for the HEPA filter is every 36 months regardless of mileage.

Blue Print, part of the bilstein group, says it offers a cost effective, sustainable replacement solution for this HEPA filter. The Blue Print filter replaces the filter media section only. This is unlike the original equipment part where both the reusable frame and the filter are replaced as one unit.

Both Blue Print HEPA filters ADBP250071 and ADBP250073 come complete with installation instructions included in the box. These instructions can also be found online at:

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