Bosch highlights sales opportunities created by cabin filter fitting

Bosch has highlighted the sales opportunities created by cabin filter fitting that workshops should make the most of. Bosch offers a comprehensive range of over 500 cabin filters covering 95 per cent of the EU market vehicle parc. Each Bosch cabin filter features high-quality materials, manufacturing and technical know-how. The company says its aim is to offer the right filter for every needs and budgets, thanks to three technologies: 

  • Bosch Filter+ has anti-allergy and anti-bacterial effects, for superior air quality inside the car. 
  • Bosch activated carbon cabin filters is the right choice for noticeably purer and more pleasant air inside the car. 
  • Bosch standard cabin filters offer clean air inside the car. 

As part of the maintenance of air conditioning systems, Bosch says cabin filters should also be replaced. An optimum change interval is in early spring before the pollen season starts. Bosch cabin filters reliably separate pollen and fine dust from the air. 

In addition, a correctly functioning cabin filter can also protect the air conditioning system and improve the visibility by reducing the amount of deposits settling on the inside of the windscreen. 

Regular air conditioning (A/C) servicing and cabin filter replacement increases passenger comfort and well-being. In general, Bosch recommends replacing cabin filters once a year or roughly every 14,000 km. Cabin filters represent an untapped profit potential for workshops. Bosch says a recent survey showed that approximately 65 per cent of cars in Europe are running with a contaminated cabin filter. When you consider that Bosch recommends changing them annually or every 14,000 km, the number of untapped sales is substantial. 

Any air conditioning servicing must be carried out by a qualified person which requires specific training. Nowadays a big portion of cars are having A/C systems, therefore those workshops investing in the right training and equipment for the A/C systems service are making healthy profits, Bosch says. 

The Bosch range of air conditioning machines encompasses the requirements of all workshops. This includes fully automated operation and the ability to service hybrid and electric vehicles. 

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Published on: April 8, 2021

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