Busy workers: new belts for light commercial vehicles

These are hectic times for light commercial vehicles: The delivery van segment with payloads up to 3.5 t is growing steadily, with the number of new registrations in Western Europe rising continuously in recent years, bar a small dip in 2020. The key reason for this is our changing shopping habits. We are ordering more and more items online and the merchandise has to be brought to our front door somehow. So delivery services and logistics specialists are increasingly relying on the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter and the like.

Delivery operations mean seriously hard work for the vehicles though, mainly due to the frequent stops and starts involved and the high mileages over all sorts of different routes in urban centers. All of which means shorter maintenance intervals for belt drives. Continental develops special aftermarket drive belts for precisely this sort of application – both for the primary and the auxiliary drives.

The CT1233 timing belt for driving the timing gear is new to the range, as is the CT1234 for the oil pump drive, which was purpose developed for the aftermarket requirements of 2.0-liter engines fitted in the Ford Transit and Ford Tourneo. “In these engines, a timing belt in oil synchronizes the camshaft and crankshaft,” explains Robert Franz, Head of Product Management EMEA at Continental Power Transmission Group. “This reduces frictional losses by around 30 percent compared to a chain drive.” This in turn has a positive impact on fuel consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions. Right now these are two of the most crucial criteria for efficient operation of light commercial vehicles. Which is yet another reason why they will continue to be very busy in future.

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Published on: May 5, 2022

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