Woodford Diagnostics launches next-generation Launch X-431 PRO

January 28, 2014 • News • Views: 1780

Woodford Diagnostics has launched the next generation of diagnostic tools, the Launch X-431 PRO, offering a full fault system diagnosis for an exhaustive list of American, Asian and European vehicle manufacturers.

Continental celebrates 10th anniversary of double clutch technology

January 28, 2014 • News • Views: 1341

transmission and a sporty driving style were once terms you would 
not necessarily link. But we are now celebrating the tenth anniversary 
of the wide-scale launch of a technology that dispelled this apparent 
contradiction: the double clutch transmission (DCT).

The Small Giant at the heart of the powertain

January 28, 2014 • News • Views: 958

When it comes to automotive components the spark plug is the small giant of the powertrain. If someone else has coined that phrase before I apologise, but it is an extremely good description of the component that is the pacemaker at the heart of every petrol engine, the spark plug, writes Tim Howes, Deputy General …

20 die in vehicle related workplace accidents

January 8, 2014 • News • Views: 1614

Incidents involving vehicles at work accounted for 20 fatalities in 2013, figures released by the Health and Safety Authority confirm.

Audi’s Piloted Parking wins award

December 18, 2013 • News • Views: 1097

Audi wins Business Review Innovation in Automotive Technology award for piloted parking technology. Audi’s Piloted Parking technology makes it possible for the car to drop the driver off, park by itself in parking garages and exit from there. The car is then able to return and pick up the driver when instructed.

Driver aids work: Proof is all fleet operators need

December 16, 2013 • News • Views: 1380

By: Transport News Brief. The use of modern technology is designed with the driver in mind and can seem like a no-brainer to those operating in the industry, however ensuring those systems are cost-effective is the dilemma fleet operators face.

IDC4 Powersports Version 20 software release

December 10, 2013 • News • Views: 1031

TEXA has released a new version of its IDC4 Powersports Software, which is packed with new features that include many diagnostic and software functions.

Qualvecom focuses on vehicle diagnostics

October 22, 2013 • News • Views: 1472

Buying any equipment for your business is a significant investment, so it’s important to know that you’re making the right decision. When it comes to buying diagnostic equipment, the Delphi range, range represented in Ireland by Qualvecom is worthy of consideration. “The team at Qualvecom, will be with you every step of the way to …

Innovative ‘Active Mass Damper’ banishes bad vibrations

October 17, 2013 • News • Views: 1152

Downsizing engines and reducing the number of cylinders, together with a rise in motor torque, tends to increase vibrations at the expense of comfort. And at the same time, the requirement for comfort continues to increase. To solve this problem, Hutchinson offers an active anti-vibration compensation system with three components: a sensor, a control unit …

Volvo Car Group aims to make conventional batteries a thing of the past

October 14, 2013 • News • Views: 947

Volvo Car Group has developed a revolutionary concept for lightweight structural energy storage components that could improve the energy usage of future electrified vehicles. The material, consisting of carbon fibres, nano structured batteries and super capacitors, offers lighter energy storage that requires less space in the car, cost effective structure options and is eco-friendly. As part of an EU-funded research project, including nine …