Drive system problems explained

February 16, 2012 • News • Views: 3084

There are many reasons for premature timing belt failure. Here, Gates answers some of the most common questions that installers ask.   Q: Can you fit a timing belt the wrong way around? A: Timing belts are not directional. Although some belts are marked with arrows, they are only there to ensure that any timing …

Dayco technical update

February 8, 2012 • News • Views: 2228

One of the reoccurring repair issues that has become a problem for the independent workshop is the failure of the idler pulley on the 1.7 diesel engine fitted to many General Motors (GM) vehicles such as the Vauxhall/Opel Astra, Combo, Corsa, Mariva, Vectra and Zafira.   Although the problem ultimately stems from the timing belt …