Spark plugs represent profit opportunity – NGK

August 3, 2012 • News • Views: 1763

NGK is renowned for the quality of its products which are used by thousands of drivers on Ireland’s roads.

What does OE ‘Matching Quality’ actually mean?

August 3, 2012 • News • Views: 3265

Unfortunately, there are no strict rules or regulations to help you define what is actually meant by suppliers who label their products with this sometimes misleading strapline. However, we can tell you what it doesn’t mean! It doesn’t mean that the parts in question are actually OE In other words they have never been fitted …

Belt tension – the main influence on life time

August 3, 2012 • News • Views: 1803

Over the last 15 years the service intervals for replacing timing belts has increased significantly. Goodyear is continuously developing new materials and compounds to improve the durability and performance of their timing belts. These are manufactured using three basic elements: Rubber compound, Cord and Fabric. Each of these 3 components have to be optimised to …

Knock knock

August 3, 2012 • News • Views: 2309

Hella Ireland advises on the functions of the Knock sensor, which is found on outside of the engine block and is used to record knocking sounds in the engine during all operating states in order to avoid engine damage.

Wheel Speed Sensors – Function and diagnosis

August 3, 2012 • News • Views: 4546

The increasing complexity of road traffic makes great demands on drivers. Driver assistance systems relieve drivers and optimise safety on the road. Therefore, modern driver assistance systems are part of the standard equipment in almost all new cars in Europe and pose new challenges for garages.

New ContiTech tool for installing elastic V-ribbed belts

August 1, 2012 • News • Views: 2814

ContiTech has unveiled a new tool for installing elastic V-ribbed belts for Ford and Volvo engines – the ELAST TOOL F01.

Team PR Reilly warns on fake clutch parts

July 2, 2012 • News • Views: 3569

Team PR Reilly is warning the trade to be on the look out for fake Valeo clutch kits that have surfaced on the market.

Sealey launches new App

June 25, 2012 • News • Views: 1863

Sealey has just released a new product packed App, which is ready to be downloaded on the Ipad and Iphone.

Save time and money on electrical repairs

June 14, 2012 • News • Views: 1708

J&S Automtive has introduced a new range of fast mover electrical automotive harness repair sets from respected German component manufacturer Vemo, which it says offer workshops the opportunity to save time and money on electrical repairs.

Solving timing belt issues

June 13, 2012 • News • Views: 1847

Every mechanic wants to be able to diagnose vehicle problems with accuracy, but the dynamic nature of automotive design makes it difficult for even the most dedicated of experts. A recent technical workshop involving Gates highlighted degrees of uncertainty in connection with scheduled timing belt replacements and the installation of water pumps.