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Stellantis to begin use of EV battery swapping tech

December 14, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 267

Automotive group Stellantis is to begin testing battery swap stations claimed to be capable of delivering a fully charged electric vehicle battery in under five minutes. The initial program, which is being run in partnership with American firm Ample, will begin next year in Madrid, Spain using a fleet of 100 electric Fiat 500s within …

BM Catalysts supports growth of SCRs with new technical video

December 12, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 333

BM Catalysts has launched a new animated video titled, ‘How does vehicle selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology work?’, as it continues to support customers venturing into this growing market.

Bosch wipers under test

November 30, 2023 • News, Technical Articles, Wipers • Views: 269

Wiper blades must function reliably for drivers over an extended period — that means, throughout all seasons and under extreme weather conditions. To ensure this, Bosch has many other strict quality tests in addition to the prescribed standard tests that must be passed for acceptance into the program. These tests are divided into four categories: …

Comline: Understanding brake disc crazing

November 22, 2023 • Brakes, News, Technical Articles • Views: 239

Decoding ‘crazing’ Technicians, imagine a scenario where you are inspecting a vehicle’s brake disc and notice an unusual pattern on its surface: a cluster of small, hairline cracks resembling ‘orange peeling’ or the appearance of crazy paving. This phenomenon is what experts refer to as brake disc ‘crazing’. These clusters of cracks can vary in …

Get in the know with Blue Print’s YouTube channel

November 21, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 164

Blue Print has an extensive YouTube channel with specialised product videos taking you through the manufacturing process and unique product information; and also a huge selection of technical videos explaining how to fit its products.

Delphi launches Training Prospectus 2.0

October 27, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 215

Delphi has released a comprehensive new 66-page training prospectus, showcasing the wealth of solutions now available to the aftermarket.

Why car battery failures matter for automotive aftermarket professionals

October 26, 2023 • Batteries, News, Technical Articles • Views: 173

In this article, Banner business development manager, Russell Shea, explores the rational reasons behind battery failure and replacing it with a premium battery is vital, particular as temperatures plummet. This also represents opportunities for independent workshops and motor factors: As automotive professionals serving the automotive aftermarket, we know this time of year marks the start …

Dayco supports ingenuity and encourages best practise

October 18, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 296

Spurred on by a recent news story concerning a workshop in Devon that has become prominent for its fixed price offer for the timing belt replacement on the Ford 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, Dayco, the original equipment (OE) supplier to Ford for this and many other engines, is encouraging other businesses to follow suit. “According to …

Continental offers electronic timing setting advise

September 22, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 503

Continental offers the CT1167 as well as all associated kits for Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen models. Suitable for various 1.0–1.6L TSI, EA211 models with electronic camshaft adjustment. Problem When fitting the timing belt, the bolts for the camshaft adjustment (Fig. 1) must be loosened. After belt replacement the timing and lead angle for the …

ADAS front camera calibration

September 8, 2023 • News, Technical Articles • Views: 268

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) have proven to reduce accidents on our roads. Calibration plays an essential role in keeping these systems functioning correctly.