Bosch wipers under test

November 30, 2023 • News, Technical Articles, Wipers • Views: 375

Wiper blades must function reliably for drivers over an extended period — that means, throughout all seasons and under extreme weather conditions. To ensure this, Bosch has many other strict quality tests in addition to the prescribed standard tests that must be passed for acceptance into the program. These tests are divided into four categories: …

Wiper blade troubleshooting from Denso Aftermarket

November 20, 2023 • Wipers • Views: 226

Although it’s good practice to check wiper blades regularly, generally drivers only tend to think about them when there’s a problem.

First Line offers the solution for Renault Clio wiper motor failure

January 6, 2023 • News, Technical Articles, Wipers • Views: 553

Bad weather can cause myriad of issues for vehicles, as any technician will know, and with the Irish weather being very unpredictable, there is one issue that is guaranteed and therefore garages, and workshops need to be prepared for the consequences of a heavy rainfall on the Renault Clio. The technical issue that First Line …