Clutch Installation in Passenger Cars and Utility Vehicles – Greasing the hub spline

 Lightly grease the inside of the clutch disc hub spline (Fig. 1) with SACHS high performance grease.

 Lightly grease the splines of the transmission input shaft (Fig. 2) with SACHS high performance grease.

 Move the clutch disc axially on the transmission input shaft, making sure that it can move freely.

 Remove the clutch disc from the transmission input shaft.

 Wipe off excess grease from the transmission input shaft and the clutch disc hub spline. A freely moving and properly working actuation system will ensure flawless clutch function.

Fig. 1: Lightly grease the spline hub of the clutch disc


Fig. 2: Lightly grease the splines of the transmission input shaft


Only use SACHS high performance grease (Fig. 3). If you don’t grease the hub spline, rust may form on it. This will make disengagement difficult. If you use too much grease, the centrifugal force will push it onto the friction surfaces during operation. This will result in grabbing of the clutch during drive-off and clutch slip in operation. Never use any other lubricants because:

 they do not possess the required stability and surface load bearing capacity

 they may thicken, become gummy or burn

 this could result in functional failure. Always check the clutch disc for lateral runout before installation. The maximum amount is 0.5 mm.

Fig. 3: SACHS high performance grease

All SACHS clutch kits come with a grease pad containing a special high performance grease. This will be sufficient for one-time greasing of the hub splines. SACHS high performance grease, 1 g grease pad (part no. 4200 080 060) SACHS high performance grease, 80 g tube (part no. 4200 080 050)

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Published on: December 5, 2022

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