Continental solves tricky tensioner pulley issue

Different versions of the tensioner pulley in the timing belt kits CT1139K2, CT1139K3PRO, CT1139WP2, CT1139WP6 and CT1139WP8PRO, used in various 1.2-2.0L TDI EA189 common-rail engines from Audi/Seat/Skoda/VW.

The supplied V56349 tensioner pulley looks different from the pulley fitted in the vehicle. It seems that it cannot be tightened in the way described in the fitting instructions.

The vehicle manufacturer fits two different versions of the tensioner pulley. The Continental kit may also contain either of the two versions shown in picture 1 and picture 2.

The two versions of the tensioner pulley are interchangeable and can be used in all the engines indicated by the vehicle manufacturer. It is important to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s fitting instructions as the method of installation and tensioning direction differ.

The Gates version is tightened in a counterclockwise direction and the Litens / INA version in a clockwise direction. The tensioning direction is clearly marked on both pulleys (arrow on the outer face of the tensioning plate).

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Published on: January 4, 2023

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