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For the aftermarket Dayco provides two seemingly identical auxiliary belt tensioners for the engines fitted to a number of popular models from Alfa Romeo, FIAT, Saab, Suzuki and Opel. The Dayco references for these tensioners are APV1088 and APV1156.

Despite their apparent similarities, there are actually substantial differences between the two tensioners due to the different types of fastening bolt fitted on the components. Tensioner APV1088 uses an Allen head bolt, while APV1156 features a Torx head bolt, and the difference is due to the contrasting assembly equipment used on the car production lines of the various vehicle manufacturers.


Therefore, to ensure a correct match between the original tensioner fitted during the vehicle’s manufacture and a subsequent replacement, it is crucial that the original equipment (OE) reference number and the Dayco number correspond.

The accompanying table clarifies the position and will help to ensure the correct tensioner is selected, but particular care must be taken when undertaking a secondary repair when the tensioner on the vehicle could already have been replaced and may not be the original part.

In the event of a secondary replacement, it is advisable to check the correct OE number for the vehicle through a reliable parts identification system such as TecDoc, and irrespective of the bolt specification used on the tensioner to be replaced, refer to the table to ensure the correct Dayco replacement is installed in order to facilitate the correct repair.

The complete list of vehicle applications for tensioners APV1008 and APV1156 can be found on the Dayco website:


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