Diagnostic info and web-based training for Tesla

With the latest updates of ESI[tronic] Online 2.0 software, Bosch says it offers enhanced coverage of popular Tesla models, with diagnostic access and information for the Model S and Model X.

Together with a web-based training module, available via the BATS portal, independent workshops can benefit from expert guidance and cater for this popular vehicle brand, according to Bosch.

Electric vehicles are part of the standard development scope in ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online. The user does not have to purchase an extra license in order to be able to access comprehensive diagnostic data from electric vehicles, as the info is included.

Since update 05 of 2022/3 (August 2022) ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online has provided vehicle coverage for control unit diagnostics of Tesla vehicles to its users.

The vehicles covered currently include the Model S and Model X, and Bosch says other models and coverage will soon follow.

Content includes: Reading and deleting the error memory, along with service functions, such as the frequently-used brake pad replacement function.

Anomalies in the diagnosis of Tesla models
Bosch says Tesla presents many special features in the field of diagnostics. Therefore, it adds that in order to carry out a successful diagnosis on a Tesla vehicle, it is important to know and observe these special features.

For example, on the Model S and X, pressing the brake pedal to put the vehicle into the mode in which CAN diagnostics can be accessed. Since these are quite unique to Tesla and not used by any other vehicle manufacturer, it is important for the workshop to know these special features in order to be able to carry out the diagnosis quickly and easily, so not to lose any time.

From update 2023/2, ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online therefore offers a link to “Important Information about the brand” for Tesla diagnosis, after clicking on “Diagnosis” and “System overview”.

In this way, the workshop can see all the special features at a glance. See above image for reference.

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