Euro Car Parts Team PR Reilly hosts training event

Euro Car Parts Team PR Reilly recently held a training event in Santry, Dublin to explain the benefits of Hella Gutmann’s CSC Tool.

The CSC (Camera Sensor Calibration) Tool from Hella Gutmann Solutions is a comprehensive and flexible solution for the calibration of camera-based driver assist systems.

Adaptive lighting, automatic distance control, multi-collision braking, lane departure warning and other camera-based safety systems are becoming a common feature of many mid-size and compact cars.

Following even relatively simple procedures including wheel alignment/geometry checks and windscreen replacement, the sensors and cameras required by these systems have to be calibrated and adjusted with the utmost precision.

Yet calibration tools have only been available from the vehicle manufacturers, until now.

Ideal for all makes garages, glass replacement businesses and body shops, and compatible with a wide range of vehicle models and camera-based driver assist systems, the CSC-Tool from HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS once again enables independent garages to expand their capability and operate more pro tably.

It’s a cost-effective, fully modular system that allows vehicle-speci c calibration tables, as well as additional modules for different driver assist systems, to be added at any time, enabling the system to be tailored to meet your individual business needs.
Designed to be user-friendly, it provides accurate results with no need for a fully-equipped axle alignment station, levelled workshop oor or platform lift.

The CSC-Tool fully-integrates with mega macs diagnostic tools. Calibration results can be read on the diagnostic tool and saved in Car History, and are available to print out.

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Published on: December 5, 2017

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