FAI warns on strut mount failure

Strut Mount failure is dangerous and becoming increasingly common as potholes on the country’s road go unrepaired. Leading aftermarket supplier FAI Automotive is urging all mechanics and technicians to check for strut mount failure every time they lift the bonnet.

The strut mount is located on the top of the strut assembly and is used to provide a pivot point and mounting location for the strut. The strut mount is used on cars equipped with Macpherson type struts, accounting for over 70 per cent of cars in the world market, particularly on smaller compact cars.

The strut mount is normally made of rubber and has a strut bearing in the centre that allows the strut to turn right to left with the steering. The strut mounts should always be replaced when replacing the strut assembly as the strut mount and bearing hold the whole weight of the vehicle, putting them under extreme pressure. Sudden failure of this assembly can have dramatic and dangerous consequences.

During the year, cars have to deal with all types of weather conditions. The strut mounts and bearings have a particularly arduous time and are subjected to ice, salt spray and excessive wear due to holed and uneven road surfaces. Most of the time, the damage caused by extreme conditions is not noticed until a few months later when it is picked up by failing a NCT test, or the driver notices knocking noises when driving over bumps in the road or ‘notchiness’ and heaviness in the steering when turning.

Road camber can lead to water spray settling in the nearside strut mount causing damage and potential failure due to water ingress.  However, as with all Steering and Suspension parts, FAI recommend that both sides are replaced as uneven wear can affect the geometry of the vehicle.
Strut mounts and bearings play an important role in the complete Steering and Suspension system, which is vital for vehicle safety.  The suspension connects the car safely with the road and affects the road holding, handling and steering. It is therefore safety critical to replace damaged or worn Steering and Suspension parts.

FAI has added 25 new strut mounts and bearings which cover many very popular vehicle applications. As with all FAI products, they are manufactured to OE specifications and have been put through rigorous quality testing, including life cycle and fatigue tests.

The part numbers introduced include such popular applications as Mercedes E and A class, Nissan Micra and Almera, Peugeot 206 and 407 and VW Golf and Polo. Full details of model years and applications can be found in the relevant section of this site.

FAI’s strategy is to always offer a modern and relevant Steering and Suspension range to the Aftermarket. Therefore, continuous development is key: 2013 will again see an introduction of ‘new to range’ part numbers, adding more popular applications such as the Ford Focus 2011 on and Vauxhall Astra 2009.

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Published on: January 11, 2013

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