Nissens shares hybrid and electric vehicle knowledge

With the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, technicians need to understand that there are differences within their heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, when compared to vehicles powered by traditional technology. Although contamination of the refrigerant and lubricant mixture can be an issue for both, the flushing process also varies. Many of the HVAC systems in these new energy vehicles are based on a heat pump solution, equipped with reverse flow valves and switches, for example.

To enable the free flow of the flushing solution through the ducts in the air conditioning (AC) loop, a special OBD command is needed to release the flow steering valves, in order to flush these systems effectively. It is also necessary to detach the AC components in the loop and flush them separately as otherwise, flushing will not be possible. 

In addition, some of the valve assemblies cannot be flushed, so must be replaced. As a dedicated AC systems specialist, Nissens Automotive supports the independent sector with valuable expertise and its goal is to share quality technical knowledge and proven best practice procedures that enhance business competitiveness. In keeping with this ethos, Nissens has produced an instructional video based on the Toyota Prius, one of the latest generation of plug-in hybrid models. 

Besides the many high-tech solutions, like the power drive, battery and electronics, that are packed into this vehicle, it is also fitted with an advanced heat pump-based HVAC system. 

The step-by-step self-learning video demonstrates the correct procedures that must be followed, including replacing the compressor, condenser and several steering valves, in order to service the vehicle’s AC system effectively.

However, to access this resource, Nissens is asking technicians to register and enrol to its free NTC (Nissens Training Concept) online training platform, which will allow them to enjoy an even greater understanding of the overall subject and download a certificate for the module at its conclusion:

 The NTC learning module includes:

  • Advanced HVAC system service performed on a popular, modern PHV vehicle
  • High-voltage system procedures and instructions
  • Helpful service tips for a hybrid car’s HVAC system
  • Complete flushing procedure is shown, including valves cleansing
  • Summary test & certification

To find more technical material, as well as training and learning modules from Nissens, visit the showroom:

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