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In addition to the premium quality replacement parts that Nissens Automotive is renowned for, the company is also recognised for the practical support it provides independents, particularly its far reaching technical insight, which, among other subjects, includes fault diagnosis, product  installation and training etc.

However, to further assist workshops as they enter the busy climate comfort season, this year Nissens has also introduced a comprehensive and extremely useful reference guide that allows technicians to find air conditioning (AC) compressor oil and refrigerant gas requirements quickly and easily.

The Nissens Oil & Gas Finder is produced as a large format poster that can be mounted on a wall in the workshop, to provide this vital information at a glance, or accessed online in seconds, by scanning a QR Code.

This simple process is made even easier as the company has produced three versions of a 7cm diameter sticker that can be stuck on a counter, on the side of a tool chest, or even on an AC filling machine, making finding the information the work of a moment!

In terms of the information that the Oil & Gas Finder provides, in addition to their respective weight and volume, it also specifies the type of refrigerant (R134a or R1234yf) and oil (ND-12/PAG 46/SPA2 etc.) used in specific vehicles with a date of their manufacture, as well as highlighting what type of technology they incorporate should they be a new energy vehicle (mild/full hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric etc.).

Furthermore, the finder also displays several QR Codes – one for the online version of the Oil & Gas Finder, another for the Nissens online catalogue and two for AC technical service tips – and a brief overview of the unique points that make ‘the difference’ for those working in partnership with the dedicated aftermarket focused company.

To find out more visit the Nissens Experts portal at: and to obtain a poster, sticker or both, contact a local Nissens distributor.

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Published on: April 18, 2024

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