Repair manual LuK GearBOX for Ford DPS6/Renault DC4 Transmission

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Double clutch transmission

The 6DCT250 6-speed double clutch transmission was developed by Getrag for vehicles with a maximum torque of up to 280 Nm. Ford is one of the vehicle manufacturers to use this gearbox under the DPS6 designation in the compact and medium-sized vehicle segment.

Typical failures:

The main reason for failure of the Ford DPS6 gearbox, usually at a high mileage, is wear of the main bearings. This form of wear can be caused by wear debris in the gearbox oil. Wear of this nature on the DPS6 gearbox can be perceived as bearing noise.


Due to technical developments (and associated component changes), the LuK GearBOX repair solution is suitable for the Ford DPS6 gearbox constructed after mid of 2011. These gearboxes feature a modification to the holding plates and main bearings on the output shaft. The new bearings have a shoulder that measures 2.2 mm. These bearings are part of the LuK GearBOX repair solution.

A manual gearbox may also exhibit additional damage. For this reason, each time that repair work is performed on any component (e.g. synchronization work, work on shafts and gears) it is necessary to check for wear. It is recommended that the double clutch is replaced when repair work is performed on the gearbox (LuK RepSet 2CT; part no. 602 0008 00).

Repair solution:

The LuK GearBOX (part no. 462 0205 10) contains all of the components required to professionally repair the DPS6 gearbox — main bearings and sealing elements. A special feature of the DPS6 gearbox is the split drive shaft in which the seal and the roller and cage assembly are replaced.

Repair instructions:

To professionally repair the Ford DPS6 gearbox, refer to the available repair manual (part no. 999 6010 430).


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