Risk of confusion: Ford concentric slave cylinder 510 0058 10/510 0011 11

“According to the catalog, I definitely ordered the correct CSC. But I can’t connect the hydraulic line,” says the fitter, unsure what to do next. If Service Center staff ask for the part number and hear this in reply, alarm bells start to ring. This is because Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket offer 2 CSCs that are visually almost identical. The primary difference is in the mounting dimensions. This in itself is not unusual and there would normally be no need to worry, but in this case, both of these parts could fit the same vehicle type depending on the model year. If there are ambiguities to begin with, it may be that both types have been returned to the store and placed into the wrong box. The “lucky” person to receive this incorrectly-packed part then generally only finds out after installing the gearbox that the line will not fit. It is therefore advisable to check the connection diameter of the CSC in addition to the usual comparison of component/label part number:

  • 510 0058 10 = 12.1 mm
  • 510 0011 11 = 11.1 mm

Here is another ‘trick of the trade’ for identifying/distinguishing between the two concentric slave cylinders:

Concentric slave cylinder 510 0011 11 has a pin on the divider, CSC 510 0058 10 does not.


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Published on: December 15, 2022

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