Spray-guided petrol direct injection engines

Spray-guided petrol direct injection engines require particular precision when replacing spark plugs.

The latest generation of petrol direct injection systems (spray-guided petrol direct injection) makes entirely new demands on spark plugs. The basis for satisfying these demands is virtually tolerance-free production, linked with redevelopments in terms of materials, geometry and manufacturing methods. Spray-guided petrol direct injection also calls for accurate positioning of the ignition spark.

Great care must be taken when fitting the spark plugs with a solid sealing ring developed for this purpose. The position of the ground electrode with respect to the injector is precisely defined and there is a prohibited installation position. Accurate replacement work is essential to avoid subsequent damage.

Distinguishing feature sealing ring

Severe consequences of incorrect installation:
Incorrect positioning of the ground electrode in the cylinder due to incorrect torque will result in

  • Poor starting performance
  • Misfiring
  • Engine and catalytic converter damage.






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Published on: June 7, 2012

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