CONDITION: The vehicle A/C is inoperative, compressor clutch will not engage and A/C light is flashing.
CAUSE: The magnetic clutch relay is disengaging, causing the clutch to disengage and the A/C light to flash.
CORRECTION: Toyota has developed a new magnetic clutch relay for this application*.

Original Relay
Revised Relay

Toyota P/N = 90987-02022
Toyota P/N = 90987-02028

DENSO P/N = 156700-2470
DENSO P/N = 156700-3290

If the vehicle is exhibiting the symptoms previously described and the relay Toyota P/N is 90987-02022, replace it with a new relay (Toyota P/N 90987-02028).

*May also be seen in various models which have similar system configurations (e.g. 2002-2004 Toyota Camry; 2001-2004 Toyota Echo; 2001-2004 Toyota Celica; 2002-2004 Toyota 4Runner; 2002-2004 Toyota Corolla; 2003-2004 Toyota Highlander, 2003-2004 Toyota Matrix; 2003-2004 Toyota Sienna; 2003-2004 Toyota Solara).

Product Group Assembly Category
Electrical Switches & Relays Magnetic Clutch Relay Repair Procedures
Year Make Model
2001* Toyota Camry*

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