Benefits of using bespoke NGK spark plugs

Tim Howes, Deputy General Manager – Supply Chain & Technical Service, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, reports on the benefits of using bespoke NGK spark plugs rather than short-range alternatives….

Short-range spark plugs

Claim: A limited range of plugs can cover 90-95 percent of the car parc

Fact: Several manufacturers of so-called short-range plugs cannot decide themselves on the quantity needed to provide this cover. Some say six, some 12, and some 20. The same plug manufacturers even specify different amounts for their own short ranges

Claim: The special copper core in some manufacturers’ plugs allows the application of a short-range

Fact: Plugs that use copper cores are nothing special for NGK. Every spark plug in the current Car & Light Commercial Catalogue uses copper core technology

Claim: Materials such as yttrium provide a great increase in service life and heat resistance

Fact: This may well be true when comparing with the competitors’ standard types but has little or no benefit when compared to the service life provided by NGK plugs’ superior ceramics and alloys and these still do not match the wide heat range provided by NGK’s technology

Claim: “Uncompromising Technology”

Fact: By using one plug to cover a wide range of plugs with different design features, projections and heat ranges, they must, by definition, be a compromise. This compromise would certainly be unacceptable to a vehicle manufacturer and for very good reasons – performance, starting, idle stability, engine protection, fuel consumption, emissions systems protection and durability

Claim: “As used by vehicle manufacturers”

Fact: Some vehicle manufacturers may well use some of the design features employed by the short-range types but they do not use the short-range plugs

Claim: Allows smaller stock holding

Fact: Why then, do these short-range manufacturers bother making all the other spark plugs in their range? Because they know full well that a more comprehensive range is required

What you should know about short-range spark plugs

  • These plugs cannot provide the specific catalyst protection requirements that many modern systems demand
  • None of these types can replace precious metal plugs for ignition quality and durability
  • Many cannot provide the degree of anti cold fouling required by some engines
  • Vehicles demanding special features e.g. multiple or stronger ground electrodes, specific sparking positions or resistor values are not catered for
  • Ignition quality of short-range plugs still does not better NGK plugs
  • The use of short-range types does not inspire confidence that you are using the correct plug
  • Modern engines using leaner air/fuel mixtures are considerably more demanding regarding the use of the correct spark plugs. Plug performance over the entire service life is essential
  • Why compromise your customer when your NGK distributor can supply the correct plugs?

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