Blue Print technical tip: Mitsubishi Pajero – Starter Motor options

Blue Print currently catalogue a choice of two starter motors on some of the Mitsubishi Pajero (grey import)

applications. They are listed as 2.0kW or 2.2kW power ratings.

It is imperative that the correct part is identified from the original unit. ADC412502 and ADC41217 are NOT
interchangeable. There is a difference in the pinion protrusion between these units, and if the wrong unit is used,
it will damage the flywheel ring gear.


To identify the correct application, we have listed the possible references that may appear on the original starter
motor. If your original unit numbers do not match, please ring the Blue Print Technical Help Line on 01622 833004.
As a last resort, accurately measure the pinion protrusion (engaged position) of the original unit (dimensions

shown above) and ensure that the replacement has the same specification.


Any technical tips are produced in good faith. Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd. always recommend that vehicle maintenance and diagnostics are only carried out by suitably experienced people using appropriate tools in a safe manner within a workshop environment. Ferdinand Bilstein UK Ltd. and their customers cannot be held responsible for the correctness of, or misinterpretation of the above technical tips. Images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not be representative of the products or vehicles described.

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Published on: September 16, 2015

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