Bosch brake pads match state-of-the-art technology

Bosch brake pads are geared to modern brake systems with ABS and ESP. In order to achieve short stopping distances and high braking comfort, they are developed with the special material properties of the brake discs in mind.

As vehicle weight and engine performance are rising, the brake systems of modern vehicles have to cope with even higher loads. Numerous Bosch inventions and patents such as the ABS and the ESP have now become technical state-of-the-art technology for brake systems. Bosch brake pads are designed to meet the growing demands placed on them. Mounted into millions of vehicles, they are constantly demonstrating their safety and high levels of comfort. Brakes are subject to extreme strains that vary depending on the vehicle. Bosch brake pad mixtures are therefore produced at an outstandingly high quality. This is possible due to the balance between friction, comfort and wear. Brake pads are subject to shearing strength, temperature resistance, pressure and speed sensitivity tests to meet the ECE-R90 standards.

On top of this, Bosch brake pads are also subject to additional tests for a period of six months. These include temperature sensitivity, brake fading, thermal conductivity, brake vibration and noise behaviour tests as well as the simulation of extreme braking situations. Research and development at Bosch laboratories and worldwide production at modern plants ensure compliance with high production standards. This results in Bosch brake pads demonstrating a very high quality. The Bosch range for workshops includes more than 1,200 sets of brake pads – matching more than 95 per cent of all European vehicles.

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Published on: December 11, 2020

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