Cabin Air Filter Installation Precaution

CONDITION: Field reports indicate the vehicle air conditioning system uses only outside air, even if the recirculation mode is engaged or the recirculation mode doesn’t operate at all.
CAUSE: It is most likely that the vehicle cabin air filter was replaced with the air blend door in the ‘Fresh Mode’ or the blower assembly door was moved manually, damaging the door shaft or the servo motor located on the blower assembly.
CORRECTION: To prevent possible damage to the vehicle A/C system, verify the air blend door is set to ‘Recirculation Mode’ prior to servicing the vehicle cabin air filter. The proper procedures are listed in both the vehicle service or owner’s manual.


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Heat & Air Conditioning Cabin Air Filter Repair Procedures
Year Make Model
All Lexus LS460/LS600H

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Published on: August 26, 2022

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