Catalog section: Sequential Gearbox

You may have come across a section like this in the catalog and wondered: What exactly is a sequential gearbox? How do I recognize one?

Many motorcyclists will be familiar with this type of transmission, where gears usually only change “sequentially”, i.e. in “order”.

REPXPERT shows sequential Gearbox

In the car world, we also refer to automatic gearboxes as “sequential”, though gears need not necessarily be changed in a “sequential” manner. The main difference compared with a conventional manual transmission is in the operation. With a sequential gearbox, also known colloquially as a semi-automatic, there is no need for a clutch pedal. Instead, the clutch and gear-change process is carried out by actuators (e.g. electro-hydraulic). Associated sensors check for plausibility and, if necessary, adjust the gear selection based on the driving situation. They also monitor wear. In order to meet these requirements, vehicles with “sequential” as opposed to classic manual transmissions are often equipped with other clutch components in place of a conventional clutch (e.g. concentric slave cylinder with a position sensor or self-adjusting clutch).

REPXPERT shows sequential Gearbox
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Published on: September 9, 2022

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