Checking Fuel Vapourising Systems

Our Technical Department is commonly made aware of issues with the vehicle emissions system when speaking with garages and technicians.

We have recently been dealing with a number of Diesel Particulate Filter issues for customers which diagnosis shows to be a common issue with fuel vapourising technology that is shared across a number of platforms and vehicle manufacturers.

There are two commonly reported problems which we have seen a number of times:

1) The fuse blows, which deactivates the fuel vaporiser and is usually accompanied by a DPF fault code similar to P269F.
This allows fuel to be injected through the vapouriser but it will not be heated (vapourised) and therefore reduces the gas temperature, potentially hindering regeneration.

2) The fuel vapouriser clogs and so fuel cannot pass through it. With no fuel passing through the vapouriser, this again reduces the gas temperature and hinders the process of regeneration.

Our Technical Team advocates always checking the fuel vapouriser system on appropriately equipped vehicles before installing a replacement Diesel Particulate Filter.

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Published on: January 17, 2020

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