Exchange the oil seals

A clutch replacement is the ideal opportunity to retain the functionality as well as the value of a vehicle with minimal additional effort.

Minimisation of leakage!

The dismantling of the defect clutch offers a simple and cost effective opportunity to replace both the oil seals Simmerring® on the crankshaft as well as the oil seals Simmerring® on the transmission input shaft. This forward-looking maintenance minimises the vehicle owner’s risk of the new clutch being damaged already after a relatively short time through leakage in these highly strained sealing areas. With increasing mileage, clutch dust collects on these seals, heightening the risk of leakage. New seals prevent engine and transmission oil from escaping, something which would cause the clutch to fail.

Our solution for you: the CORTECO Simmerring® seal set for clutch replacement

  • No need to search for the oil seals
  • CORTECO provides you all of the necessary Simmerring® oil seals in one set
  • The exchange of the seals decreases the risk of leakage and a damage of the clutch

Our advice: never replace the clutch without replacing the oil seals!

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Published on: April 18, 2022

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