febi Cost-effective repair solutions! The rear trailinga arm bush on the Ford Mondeo 07, Galaxy 06 and S-Max 06

The rear trailing arm bush on the Ford Mondeo 07, Galaxy 06 and S-Max 06 is not available separately from the manufacturer. Previously, if this bush failed, the whole unit would have to be replaced as the components could not be bought separately.
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 14.08.49febi bilstein has the solution for a timely and efficient repair:

The rear trailing arm bush is now also available separately.

Fits Ford Mondeo 07 / Galaxy 06 / S-Max 06Repl. no. 1 566 837 S1 leftRepl. no. 1 566 810 S1 right

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This saves your customer money as it is cheaper to replace a single component than a complete unit.

For quick, safe and professional removal and refitting of the bush without having to remove the trailing arm, febi bilstein recommends using KLANN tool KL-0610-15.

Of course, febi bilstein also offers the rear trailing arm bush kit as a ProKit (febi 43403) containing all the necessary screws for a professional replacement

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