How to fit modern car batteries

The days of connecting and forgetting a car battery are coming to an end. Today’s batteries need to be installed correctly or the customer may soon need to return to the garage. This step-bystep guide will help you to correctly fit the right battery in the right way.

Without battery coding, the car’s battery management system won’t work correctly and some vehicle functions will cease. The worst case scenario is that the vehicle may not even start.

In this guide, we’ll use Bosch’s ESI 2.0 software to demonstrate the fitting of the battery. ESI 2.0 is capable of installing several brands of batteries, but the list of battery brands changes by application.

You should fit a battery support unit before starting any work. This retains the car’s electronic memory eg. radio stations, ECU codes, sat nav settings, etc. Without a support unit, the car’s system may reset to the factory default.

It’s important to follow the entire installation process from start to finish, as the coding section of this process cannot be omitted.


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Published on: February 19, 2015

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