Intelligent engine repairs

Technical context

A damage to the engine often results in consequential damages to other components of the engine. Possible reasons of damage and technical contexts can be found in the following text. Our customized INA Timing Chain KIT (559 0146 10) contains all necessary components needed for professional repair on the timing chain.
Wear can cause the timing chain to lengthen, which can lead to the chain jumping or, in the worst case scenario, breaking. In addition to damaging the complete timing drive, this usually also causes damage to the valve train.
If, once the chain has broken, the camshaft is no longer driven by the crankshaft [A], the valves remain partially open. The valves are pressed against the finger followers by the pistons [B]. The pistons may also strike the valves if the chain jumps.
As the finger followers are not able to move out of the way, they become deformed. Due to the high load, the hydraulic pivot elements also become damaged (not visible from the outside). The camshaft is not usually damaged. In-depth testing for any additional resulting damage is obligatory, in particular damage to the valves.

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Published on: August 2, 2022

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