Our How To for checking the EGR on K9K engines

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Make                      Model                           System
Renault                 1.5 K9K (08-10)          Diesel systems

Microdiesel : EGR valve status

This function allows the EGR status to be read and the operation of the valve to be checked. The EGR valve status is indicated in a list with a status number.

IFR-50: Test preconditions

  • Key on or engine running.
    Coolant temperature > 80 °C.
  • Procedure: Start DCU communication, select “Settings” and then “EGR valve status.”

Background Check
List the parameters :

Use this list to compare with the indicated value.


No EGR shutoff, the EGR operates normally according to the DCU programming.

STATUS : 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 23, 24

Switch off the ignition and wait for 1 minute. Switch the ignition on and check for faults. Check the battery voltage, engine stopped and engine running. If there is no fault code flagged or memorised, restart the vehicle and check the idle speed. Do not rev the engine to not run it too fast.

STATUS : 3, 14, 16

Accelerate to above idle for a few seconds.


Check that the clutch pedal is fully up and that the vehicle is stationary.

STATUS : 4, 17

Check for any fault codes present and recorded and correct them.


Reset the EGR offsets by using the command “Programming reset” and select “EGR

STATUS : 11, 22

Allow the engine temperature to rise until the out of service setting disappears.


Check that the DPF regeneration running has been fully completed.


Allow the engine temperature to fall until the out of service setting disappears.


Atmospheric pressure too low, the EGR valve is deactivated

To help isolate the cause of an EGR-related problem with the valve, passages, or control system, follow the recommended procedures below:

If normal results were obtained, the EGR-related problem is being caused by a malfunctioning control system (vacuum-operated valves only). For electro-mechanical valves, a normal result indicates that the EGR-related concern is intermittent, check for stored fault codes with diagnostic equipment.

If there is no change in idle quality, then either the EGR valve is inoperative or the EGR passages are completely restricted. A slight change in idle quality is indicative of partially clogged passages.

AVM2-PC : Replacing the EGR valve

  1. Remove the carbon residues from around the valve housing before installing a new one.
  2. Scrupulously clean the valve mounting surface and position the new valve and its gasket.
  3. Tighten the fixings according to the fitting recommendations.
  4. Connect the vacuum hose and the electrical wiring.

IHM1000 Microdiesel

Part Number         Description            Operation
DS150                     Diagnostic tool      EGR re-set

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