Repair and maintenance of vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are already part of the basic equipment for many vehicles. The number of these vehicles is growing constantly, which means that workshops have more and more customers who bring vehicles with ADAS for repair. In order to be well prepared for this application, TecRMI provides comprehensive repair and maintenance information on driver assistance systems.

TecRMI offers access to extensive information for ADAS

If there is an error in the assistance systems, it can cause the system to malfunction. In addition, calibrations often have to be carried out after a repair. It is crucial to know when a calibration has to be executed and what equipment is required. Since this can sometimes be very complex, we support you by preparing all the important information that needs to be taken into account for ADAS. You benefit from saving time and money as well as avoiding potential sources of error. The instructions are already included in the TecRMI MANUALS module for a wide range of vehicles. In the MANUALS module, you will find manufacturer-compliant, standardized repair instructions with all the information needed to carry out a safe and targeted repair.

Receive information on the required calibration work and special tools Our data includes important information on various driver assistance systems including the following systems:

emergency brake assist

distance control

parking assist

lane departure warning

obstacle detection

These driver assistance systems obtain their information from several built-in cameras and radar systems, which makes it necessary to calibrate one or more of these systems when the vehicle is repaired. For this purpose, we provide information on the calibration of the front camera module, front radar module, rear camera module and rear radar module.

TecRMI allows you to access important information about the driver assistance systems of the selected vehicle. This includes information on which calibration work must be carried out, in which cases the work must be carried out together and which special tools are required for this.

TecRMI – Technical data of all common vehicle manufacturers

With TecRMI – Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), we offer comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data. Whatever you need, we have the right information for you – thanks to a wide range of technical data from all common vehicle manufacturers for the areas of repair, maintenance and diagnostics.

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Published on: May 10, 2022

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