Service reset after oil change for vehicles fitted with a Diesel Particle Filter

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Fiat Qubo 10 on, Bravo 07 on, Doblo 06 on Diesel Systems

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This function resets the parameters in the data list for the engine oil quality and the distance to the next oil change. This operation must be carried out when changing the engine oil on vehicles fitted with a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF).

If the vehicle is not fitted with a DPF, the service message reset is carried out only on the instrument.

Explanation of the parameters in the data list:

Engine oil quality:

  • Indicates the level of oil contamination by the Diesel Fuel or how much the Diesel fuel has been contaminated by oil piston ring blow by (a phenomenon that occurs after a certain number of vehicle regenerations).

Distance to the next oil change:

  • Indicates the number of kilometers to the next oil change.


Test conditions

  1. Key on, engine stopped.
  2. The oil change must have been done.


Using the Delphi diagnostic tool, select the Diesel engine system and then the data list.

  • Note the “Engine oil quality” values and the “Distance to next oil change” in the data list in order to be able to check that they have been reset after the reset procedure.

Carry out the reset.

Select the “Set” function in the diesel engine system.

  1. Start the function.
  2. Switch the ignition off and select “OK”.
  3. Wait approx. 35 seconds for the reset to finish.
  4. When the reset has finished, switch on the ignition and select “OK”.
  5. Check that the data list has been updated.
  6. The process is finished.

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