Want to test the chain drive of Mercedes-Benz models with M271 engine (EVO)? No problem!

40125Rattling noises may be heard after a cold start in models with M271 engine (EVO). This may be caused by wear of the chain drive, sprockets, or elongation of the timing chain. This can lead to incorrect timings and, in the worst case, to engine damage.

It is advisable to check the chain drive if the problem described above occurs. However, this is a very time-consuming process.

febi bilstein has the solution!

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The measuring chain tensioner has a graduated scale from 55 to 85. If all chain drive components, e.g. chain tensioner, chain, guide rails and sprockets, are in perfect condition, the measuring chain tensioner should indicate a value of approximately 62.5.

If the measuring chain tensioner indicates a value above 75 (as a continuous line), parts of the chain drive are worn. In this case, examine the chain drive in more detail and replace the appropriate components.

febi pic 3Attention! The measuring chain tensioner must not remain in the engine after testing. It is only a testing tool! Replace chain tensioner febi 40152. The chain tensioner previously fitted must not be reinstalled.

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