Watch: Shock absorber test bench in action

Shock absorbers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, stability and comfort of a vehicle. Technological evolution in the automotive industry has led to significant improvements in shock absorber components, allowing for more precise control of vehicle vibration and oscillations.

A key aspect in the development and production of shock absorbers is the use of specialised test benches. These advanced tools offer several advantages that contribute to the quality and performance of shock absorber systems.

Shock absorber test benches allow accurate evaluation of component efficiency and performance. Through rigorous testing, operators can measure the ability of shock absorbers to absorb shock and vibration on different road surfaces.

This helps engineers identify any operational or performance issues, allowing them to make improvements and optimisations to the design.

In the below video (see here also), Japanparts demonstrates how its recently purchased shock absorber test bench operates, which it says highlights the attention it pays to the development and testing of its products.

In conclusion, Japanparts says the use of a test bench to test shock absorbers offers many advantages ranging from accurate performance assessment to simulation of real driving conditions, improving reliability and saving time and cost in the development process.

These advanced tools are critical to ensuring that shock absorbers are able to provide maximum comfort and safety, according to Japanparts.

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Published on: August 24, 2023

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