What does OE ‘Matching Quality’ actually mean?

Unfortunately, there are no strict rules or regulations to help you define what is actually meant by suppliers who label their products with this sometimes misleading strapline.

However, we can tell you what it doesn’t mean!

It doesn’t mean that the parts in question are actually OE
In other words they have never been fitted to a new vehicle as original fitment components.

It doesn’t mean that they are manufacturer approved replacements
Many will not have been tested to the vehicle manufacturer’s required quality standards, and most will have merely been declared as ‘fit for purpose’ by the supplier.

It doesn’t mean that they are identical to the original part
Some components could be subject to design changes and alterations to make them suitable for multiple applications – rather than be an absolute like-for-like replacement for the part you need.

The engineering team at Schaeffler has a straight forward solution for customers who choose LuK clutch, (and INA tensioner or FAG bearing products): Just ignore ‘matching quality’ and remain confident in the knowledge that our products are simply OE.

Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of automotive components, delivering to all of the major leading vehicle producers as well as the global aftermarket. Every single part we make is manufactured using exactly the same competency, specifications, quality standards and materials as those supplied to the factories as original equipment.

Testament to the quality of our products and to our investment in research & development is the fact that every second vehicle produced in Europe today is fitted with a LuK clutch system. Schaeffler also supplies INA tensioning products for 90 percent of ALL primary or front end auxiliary drive systems currently produced.

FAG wheel bearings are being fitted to an increasing number of new vehicles, and a range of innovative OE approved hub repair solutions is also available for the commercial vehicle market.

If you insist on LuK clutches, INA tensioners and FAG wheel bearings, you are guaranteed to maintain the engineering integrity intended by the vehicle producer. There is no need to be concerned about fitment problems or premature failures due to substandard components or a poor quality design, because you will have put your trust in the original manufacturer – with absolutely NO matching required!

All Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket (UK) Ltd products are backed by technical support and repair installation tips through the RepXpert website ( and a technical hotline – Tel: +44 (0)1432 264264.

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Published on: August 3, 2012

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